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Abstract landscapes, vintage cars and trailers, I wake up with full paintings in my mind. I just need a canvas! A beautiful location, a car parked on the street, a photograph motivates me to create too. My style is loose and colorful with the goal of inviting, transporting the viewer into further conversation about the piece. Do you ever have a project completed in your imagination before ever starting it? I want to hear about it.

Commissioned pieces are exciting too. With the buyers trust and understanding, we can create something together. Maybe you have a space on your living room wall and you've always wanted a painting there. I love interviewing the buyer asking them what they might imagine hanging on the wall. Where is the space? Perhaps the canvas size, colors to include, landscape, horizontal? Perhaps a message in the art? Is their a story about the place? A feeling? A color? A loved vintage vehicle?

It's pretty cool to collaborate. We can create beautiful art together!

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