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Los Angeles Artist Collective

After my Paris exposure, I was honored to be asked to show my art back here in California at the Los Angeles Artist Collective. It's a large gallery space on St. Vincent Court that shows Art and also has rentable space for those interested in parties and gatherings. Located in the MIDDLE of downtown Los Angeles where new stores, restaurants and galleries are popping up around the neighborhood.

Out of my tiny studio in N. California, it is so exciting to see my art up on a big white wall with lights shining on it. Humbling at the same time.

I know very little about L.A. and #dtla (that's hip hash tag for downtown).

But from what I've briefly observed, it's young, (not only numerically), alive and full of interesting food, Art and people who appreciate it.

October 11th from 6-10pm, I will be meeting and greeting those that attend the

L.A. Art Walk! My show is called From the Window and it's my colorful observations from the house, car, airplane, hotel...Please stop by...I'd love to leave art in Los Angeles with you.

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