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Dehydrated Sardines in Art Resin and Acrylic- Sold San Luis Obispo Collector

I'm a huge fan of Art Resin and their 2 party epoxy. It gives many of my pieces a vibrant shine and awesome depth of color. I can sink anything into my art from metal to fish... They graciously gave me some Art Resin to play around with and I only have stellar comments on the ease, and the professional results it adds to my art. Thank you Art Resin.

Below is part of a letter I wrote to AR.

"Let’s start out with “I love Art Resin”. I have been using it for about 2 years now and it’s my favorite resin on the Market. I switched over from a competitor for several reasons. I found that Art Resin pours on smoother, it’s easier to handle and does not yellow over time. All my canvases are linen or cotton that have been Rabbit skinned glued onto a board, this way there is no sag with the weight of the resin. I tape my sides with painters tape, heat the room up to about 72 degrees and always wear gloves and mask as my ventilation isn’t great in my studio. (I try not to open a window as I don’t want too much dust in my paintings). Art Resin gives me the freedom to create art in a multiple of planes. Each layer is a story. It makes my paintings unique, interesting and not boring....Thank you for creating such a stellar product."

Sue Warhaftig . Acrylic and Resin

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